Guitar Effects Pedals – What You Need to Know

One of the key tools in any guitarist’s tool belt is their effects rig. Whether it’s just one pedal or many pedals mounted on a massive board, nearly every guitarist uses guitar effects pedals to create their own personal tone. Many guitarist struggle to choose the best pedals to meet their needs. This high level […]

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Getting Good Guitar Tone – The Basics

Do you remember the first time you heard that blistering guitar solo that made the hair on your arms stand straight up? You thought to yourself “I want to sound like that when I play! But where do I start?”. This question often haunts guitar players, who end up on an endless search for that […]

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About Mike

Welcome to Guitar FX Online, where we strive to help you achieve the guitar tone of your dreams by connecting you with the effects pedals, pedal boards and accessories you need. MY STORY Hi guys!  My name is Mike Cole and I’ve been singing, playing bass and guitar in bands for the last 25 years […]

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